It’s important to understand women’s psychology, once you decided to hook up as successfully as possible. So, do the girls want casual partners to know their place and act accordingly?

“I feel free with my hookup site only when he remembers he is with me temporarily”, Helen tells. “When he doesn’t have unnecessary hopes and tries to satisfy me as a hot stranger, nothing else.

In the past, this keen pleasure has been ruined by incompetent lovers who wanted something more. They interrupted my personal space, bothered my family members, demanded to meet my friends.

From the very beginning, I am reminding to my hookups they have no rights to demand anything. We must respect each other’s lifestyle and never pretend to be a part of it.

When we focus on our sexual duties and preferences, it just works better for us. We meet, have sex, then leave, sometimes we discuss our current wishes in advance, but that’s all.

Only in this case, I can really express myself and get as wild as I want. Then my daily stress is totally released and I feel rejuvenated after the right one-night-stand”.