I am rather easy-tempered person. I don’t like shout at people and I do not like somebody shouting at me. I am always trying to avoid various conflict situations if such happens on my way. I am ready to go on compromise if the question is very urgent and there is no way out, though I am very firm and confident in my views and opinions at the same time. I used to be sociable and cheerful person as well. I like telling jokes and I enjoy laughing. But I do not like laughing at people and at their faults. In contrary I am willing person and I am always proposing my help to the one who really need it. I am ready to make a considerable sacrifice for the sake of people who are really means much for me. I do not know if I have these hobbies, but I really like meetings with friends, dancing and visiting clubs with them. I am very sociable person and I enjoy communicating with people. I like to listen to music and I adore dancing. I am fond of spending quiet evenings at home watching movies and my preferences in movies are very various. I am fond of reading books at my leisure time as well. I study economics and I have almost got a degree in it. I am sure my knowledge will help me much in future. I am not indifferent to my appearance and I am going to the gym few times a week. I like traveling and going to the seaside as well. I like to swim and I can say that I am a good swimmer. Well I consider myself very active and sociable person and I am sure that you wouldnt be boring with me if you would have a possibility. I am looking forward to meet a person to become the most loved and I want to be loved by him. I am one man woman and I do not like committing slight flirts and adventurous romances. I am very loyal to the person I really appreciate love and respect. I want my beloved person to treat me with respect and care and I want him to consider woman equal in rights. I’m searching for a man to have romantic dinners with and to enjoy each moment spent together. I want to be everything for him and I want him to become the whole world for me. I want him to posses a sense of humor as I am cheerful person as well. I don’t want to tell that I am looking for a clown – I just want my man to be able to keep me in good mood in hard days.