The word “scam” actually originated from the US slang of 80s. Initially, it had nothing to do with Internet dating. But after a few decades, people started to use it literally for everything involving financial fraud.

The first dating scammers on the Internet acted quite primitively. They simply showed the nicest photos of themselves or even of other people, made their penpals fall in love, promised the heaven on Earth, and then asked for the money – mostly to buy the tickets and come to their beloved’s country. Some were more imaginative and asked for some investments in a future family business etc. There were always fifty/fifty men and women scammers. One male scammer from Arizona got 15 years in a prison for his one-million worth fraud.

Of course, some of the Slavic girls were obviously too tricky as well, since they managed to buy the apartments and cars with the help of their correspondence. But those naughty beings did have an actual meeting with the “victims” and many erotic videochats with them, so it makes more sense to blame them for selling themselves than for scamming on the Internet.
Let’s face the facts, now it’s in fashion to call the girl “a scammer” if she just asked for a few bucks to make her ends meet. But if she’s using her own photos and comes to the real meeting later on – technically, it’s not the scam. If she looks at you with the puppy eyes and dreams to get engaged in the most romantic way – she’s not the scammer. She is a Slavic girl with non-feministic mentality. It means she easily accepts a man’s help.

popularity of Ukrainian brides

However, you’re right being extra cautious. You see, the political situation in Ukraine and the Euromaidan revolution divided the girls on two groups. A bigger group consists of female patriots whose conscience was awaken and activated to the maximum. The mass-media propaganda made a positive effect on them and they started to be super-responsible not only towards their country but also towards men and relationships with them.

A smaller group lost all the moral guidelines though. Some people are always trying to get the maximum profit during the unstable times. These girls are exactly such kind of people. Knowing about the popularity of Ukrainian brides among the foreigners, they pick the most gorgeous girls, or even just their photos, and attract the “clients” with sweet words and promises. When the fish is on the hook, they tell the “true story” about the girl, and it appears that she just escaped from Donetsk, the war area. Of course, all her belongings are destroyed and she has only one set on clothes, and zero money for the hostel and food. She is literally on the street. Looking into those charming and innocent eyes on the photo, you start to struggle with the tears and check whether Western Union is still open so you can immediately send her help. But slow down and think twice.

tricks of the Ukrainian scammers

Both Ukrainian and Russian government are officially supporting people from the war zone. It’s their choice where to move and where to ask for help. There are privileges for Donetsk people who are trying to get employed or rent an apartment. There are even special dormitories for them, even if it’s not easy to get the place. There are also forums on the Internet where the volunteers are offering the room or a part of the house for free, to get settled for the first time and then find other variants. No one is going to leave Donetsk people on the street. So relax and send the money to real charity funds if you got such a kind heart.
We suppose you already know other typical tricks of the Ukrainian scammers. One of them is “send me the money for the ticket and I’ll fly to you”. It makes no sense to suggest to Ukrainian girl: come here and I’ll pay you back the tickets. Only a desperate 50 y.o. lady can do that. She has no other choice plus in her age, she already got some money of her own. The young girls didn’t, and they still have a choice of men. So better suggest buying the tickets for her online. She’ll get the tickets but not the cash. If she’s not interested in seeing you, she’ll disappear after your suggestion.

Those are very basic things about the scam in Ukraine but they might help you to ignore the fraud and find a genuine girl quicker.