Liverpool beats all records on intense nightlife, which makes it perfect for UK hookups. Here is what Danny the blogger says about perspectives for casual sex he explored in the city.

“What I love the most about Liverpool is diversity. Trendy freaks and kinky weirdos everywhere, it’s kind of hard not to take a chance with each category. Best clubs are reflecting this tendency as well.

In case you don’t know, the downtown isn’t big so the pubs and clubs are literally on each corner. Date a woman for easy hookup.You can basically judge by the looks and folks at the entrance whether it’s worthy of visiting or not.

People are most casual in their attitudes and intentions, so it’s pretty easy to get laid. Actually, Seel street is my favourite. Too many chances to meet new sexy personals and have ultimate fun.

I’d rather start from Alma de Cuba where a lot of Latina dancers can be met and hookuped, if you’re lucky enough. The Monro pub is to continue with, since it gathers all kinds of singles indeed.

Finally, The Peacock and Heebie Jeebies is completely down-to-earth with hot local chicks there who will never charge you much for their deeply intimate attention”.