They say that if you want to know something about a person, ask somebody who knows this person. They say that I am communicative, punctual, persistent, kind, communicative, positive, just and helpful person. Usually friends and members of my family can rest upon me, they can be sure that I will support them and help them in the hard times and share their happiness in the good times. I try to understand the way another person reflects. At home I like coziness and order in everything. My first and the most important in my life hobby is learning languages as a mean of communication. Also I like to be into sport and work with computer. I am a creative person. I like to design and sew clothes. I can design my own cut and show my friends. They will never tell that it is something made by my own hands.  It is funny sometimes. Life is a treasure thing. I like to find new hobbies and interests. Like in a movie. Or at least close to this. At the same time I know that people can not be ideal. But a person could be ideal for one. Why not? My ideal is a serious, stable, self assured and kind man. a person who has comfortable life style and feels that he is happy and wants to share this happiness with a right person.