I can say that I posses the nice sense of humour. I am communicative, joyful, I like to spend time in the joyful and interesting way in a good company, but sometimes I like to spend time with the book at home. I love animals and I like to take care of them, to play with them. I like sport and variety dancing. I adore children, and I would like to have children in future with the beloved man. I am opened to everything new and interesting. I am fond of knowing the different cultures and countries. That is why I like to travel and I would like to discover the world in future with the man who is dear to my heart. I like to dance as well, and if I am not dancing, I like to watch dances by TV. Actually TV is the perfect way to spend some free time. But at the same time I can spend my time reading the books. I would like you to have sense of humor. My man should be loving, caring, without a lot of bad habits. I can not say that I am materialistic girl but you should be financially stable and I hope you dream to have your family and to realize all the responsibilities in future, like animals and nature.