I am interested in a lot of things: studying, psychology. I like to go out, to collect something beautiful: calendars with cats, cars and sights and. Also I like to make and to receive gifts. I also like to visit theatres and movies, socialize with friends and to eat tasty food. I enjoy learning and trying new things. Generally, I prefer an active style of life: I like go to fitness-club, to dance, to travel. In my free time I like reading, watching good films at the cinema or TV, being in touch with the nature, music, etc.

I like visiting museums, picture galleries or galleries of art and the exhibitions; also very often I visit theatres and movies with my friends. I respect honest people and people with humility. I like outgoing people and usually people that are out of the ordinary. I like traveling and meeting new people, discovering new countries and other cultures. I adore dancing, making a manicure, reading books, travelling, going to a cafe and discos. What is your ideal partner look like? Which kind of relationship would you like to have in future? As for me, I d like to have two children a boy and a girl, but I think it will up to my future husband. But I want my children to have a good education, to be healthy and have a nice future. I am very happy lady now and content with one exception, living without a wonderful man to love+ In my future I d like to live a full, happy, healthy and complete life where I have helped many people, where my potential was achieved with no regrets; to have a loving lifelong partner I mean husband – whom I absolutely adore; to have a comfortable and safe home in a nice natural environment and to balance work with family and life.

And what about you? What are your expectations about the future.