Im a cheerful, calm and patient girl, a little bit sensitive and quick to take offence, but a soft tender word can bring me back my smile. Im fond of spending my free time with friends. People often ask me for a piece of advice and Im always eager to help them. As well as many other women, I need care, attention, kindness and understanding. A million of roses will really make me happy! Im engaged in making nail dcor. Its my job and I extremely like it. Its interesting for me as I am a man of art and nave developed imagination. Im fond of enjoying myself in a good merry company.

I love laugh because it helps us to forget our problems and come back to childhood for a couple of minutes. I also like skating and skiing. Id be happy to meet a man, whom I could trust and believe. Hes preferred to be interesting to talk to and to live with. He should be a man, whom I would never want to leave, to let him go. I must always feel that he loves me. Id like him to be purposeful and prosperous, enterprising and smart, love children, a man whos already achieved something in his life and feels only a lack of love. Ill give all my love and heart to a dear man if he is worth of it.